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Skinhawk 4-piece aluminum paddle with curved paddle blade for SUP boards / kayaks


Discover the Skinhawk 4-piece aluminum paddle with curved paddle blade - the ideal companion for your SUP adventures and kayak tours. This high-quality kayak paddle has been carefully crafted from aluminum to give you a premium paddling experience.

The advantages of this paddle start with handling and transportation. Thanks to its four-part subdivision, the paddle can be effortlessly disassembled into handy segments, making it easy to stow away to save space. This makes it the perfect companion for on the go and makes transportation considerably easier.

With a low overall weight, the Skinhawk paddle is particularly user-friendly. It enables effortless handling so that you can concentrate fully on your paddling experience. The lightness of this paddle is ensured by the aluminum shaft with a thickness of 1.2 mm and a diameter of 29 mm.

The outstanding feature of the Skinhawk paddle is its slightly curved paddle blade. This special shape makes it easier to dip the paddle and at the same time provides more traction and improved movement on the water. This makes your paddle tour an effortless and efficient pleasure.

Technical details at a glance:

Paddle shaft thickness: 1.2 mm, diameter: 29 mm, material: aluminum
Paddle length: 230 cm
Net weight: 1.1 kg

Experience the highest quality and functionality for your water sports adventure with the Skinhawk 4-piece aluminum paddle with curved paddle blade. Get ready for unforgettable moments on the water!