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SKINHAWK Classic Kayak Red Inflatable canoe 410 for 3 persons

€599,00 €699,00

Our high-quality, inflatable Classic kayak in an all-inclusive set - ideal for beginners and advanced paddlers, making it an ideal companion for trips and adventures on the sea or other waters.

The Skinhawk kayak not only offers excellent performance characteristics, but also a high level of comfort.

The seats are ergonomically shaped and offer a high backrest, allowing a comfortable sitting position.

With its 3 air chambers and a length of 410 cm and a width of 95 cm, the kayak offers enough space for up to three people with a total weight of up to 300 kg.

The high-quality fiberglass paddles supplied are robust and lightweight and offer excellent control and maneuverability in the water.

Thanks to its excellent performance characteristics, high level of comfort and durable material, it is very long-lasting and a worthwhile investment that will provide many years of enjoyment.

Thanks to its small pack size, the kayak can be easily transported in the trunk of a car, on buses, trains and even on airplanes in the carrying bag supplied.

This opens up a wide range of possible uses for the kayak.

Scope of delivery:

1 x Classic kayak
3 x comfortable ergonomic seats with high backrests
1 x high pressure pump
1 x backpack
2 x removable slide-in fins
1 x instruction manual
Choice of: 3x high quality aluminum paddles or 3x premium fiberglass paddles


Length: 410 cm
Width: 95 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Load capacity: 300 kg
Maximum pressure: 0.8 PSI / 0.055 bar