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Skinhawk Profi Snowtube blue Ø80cm toboggan tire Snow tire

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Fascination of the new kind of snow tubing in perfection!

The new SKINHAWK Profi Snowtube promises great fun for the whole family.

100% top quality from the leading manufacturer of snow tubes.

With its hard double-layer base, the tire is resistant to extreme cold temperatures down to minus 45 degrees (thermal -60°C) and is therefore also ideal for slopes with hard and frozen snow.

It is also suitable for commercial use on lift and tubing facilities.

As the tube has neoprene handles on two sides, a perfect grip is guaranteed in any position.

The integrated rubber tube is made of very robust, durable PVC/plastic material and has a very high-quality finish.

With the durable, extra tear-resistant nylon outer cover + 800D Oxford, you are guaranteed the highest quality and absolute safety.

The tube's coating means that there are no limits to your imagination, whatever the season, as it is not only suitable for hills made of snow, but also ideal for a surface of grass or sand.

The raised edge creates a more comfortable seat and more safety in the race.

To ensure additional safety for children, the tire can easily absorb hard impacts, making tobogganing even safer and more comfortable.

Thanks to the great workmanship and the innovative, lightweight, space-saving design, the Snowtube can be taken anywhere without any problems.

The Snow Tube has a diameter of 80 cm and a load capacity of 90 kg.
It not only offers a high level of comfort, but also enough space to try out your own variations of positions.

The snow tubes are ideal for children aged 6 and over.

Note: The Snowtube is not suitable for water sports!

No more manual inflation!

With our highly efficient 100 PSI high-performance pump, SUP stand-up paddles, inflatable boats, air mattresses, tires and much more can be inflated and deflated in just a few minutes.

The SKINHAWK high-performance pump is easy to operate.

Connect the hose to the flexible line adapter. Then set the pressure setpoint.

Use the Increase pressure (+) or Decrease pressure (-) button to set the required pressure.

After making the settings, press the On / Off button to start the pump.

When inflating, the Ducks will be displayed in real time, when the set value on the LED screen is reached, the high performance pump will stop automatically.

The SKINHAWK high performance pump is different from most other models on the market.