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Skinhawk SET 100% Quality Fitness Bands (7-79 kg) Resistance Bands

€34,90 €59,90

Take your body and your training to the next level with SKINHAWK!

The high-quality fitness bands are made of 100% environmentally friendly natural latex.

They are very skin-friendly and odorless and feel comfortable despite long workouts.

Thanks to the impeccable quality of the bands, they are virtually untearable/tear-resistant and perfect for safe training.

The 5 fitness bands with different resistance levels are marked with their color:

Color and resistance

Application / Training

Red: 7 - 16kg

Ideal for stretching, high performance speed training, crossfit and other sports.

Black: 11 - 29kg

Excellent for light to medium resistance exercises from biceps curls, triceps to shoulder training.

Purple: 16 - 39kg

Ideal for biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder training and leg training, among other things

Green: 23 - 57kg

For heavy strain on smaller muscle groups (arm curls) and strain on larger muscle groups (chest, back and legs). Also excellent for stretching, speed and agility training, barbell exercises and bench presses

Blue: 29 - 79kg

Perfect for barbell exercises and bench presses, pull-ups etc.

Caution: Extremely strong


The set price 7 - 57 kg includes the bands RED - BLACK - LILAC - GREEN

The set price 7 - 79 kg includes the bands RED - BLACK - PURPLE - GREEN - BLUE

Thanks to the different resistance levels from 7.0 kg to 79.0 kg, the bands are ideal for women, men, beginners and athletes.

With the SKINHAWK fitness bands you can easily train individual muscle groups or your whole body. They are ideal for building muscle or defining your body.

At the same time, they promote your body's mobility and motor skills and thus ensure better posture and more vitality in your everyday life, whether at home, in the gym or during outdoor training.

The bands make your workout even more challenging and effective for yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation exercises or other fitness methods.

The set comes with 2 storage bags.