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SKINHAWK Triple Action Pump for Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayak

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Product information "SKINHAWK Triple Action Pump for Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayak"

The SKINHAWK Power Pump is currently the most efficient SUP pump on the market

Powerful Triple Action SUP pump for quick and effortless inflation.

With this pump you can fill your SUP with around 20-30% fewer pump strokes than with a conventional SUP pump and reach high PSI pressure around 15-20% faster than with other double chamber pumps.

The double chamber pump allows you to fill up your stand up paddle board or kayak much faster.

The Skinhawk high pressure pump is switchable from single to double to triple action, for quick and efficient inflation

With pressure display (manometer) to keep control

The pump can blow air into the SUP board/kite/inflatable boat and also suck out the air.