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SKINHAWK water bike

Immerse yourself in a new dimension of water sports with our water bike. It is an innovation for limitless adventures on the water. The modern design and advanced technology guarantee unforgettable experiences in nature.

An inflatable water bike powered by a quiet aluminum alloy propeller opens up new possibilities for leisure and recreation.

With intuitive control via the bicycle handlebars and precise change of direction, it is the ideal companion for spontaneous adventures.

For safety and durability, our bike is made of durable double-layer dropstitch material combined with aluminum alloy that can withstand collisions and be used in sea and fresh water without any signs of rust or corrosion.

Stability and versatility are at the heart of this product:

Two stand-up paddle boards and an optimized propeller drive ensure outstanding performance on the water.

Thanks to multi-chamber technology, it defies wind and waves and carries heavy loads.

The bike has good stability, can carry an adult weighing 130 kg and maneuvers easily on small waves at a cruising speed of 6-9 km/h and optimal acceleration.

Unique features offer endless fun:

The liftable propeller makes it possible to drive in waters of different speeds and depths - be it the sea, water parks, lakes or rivers.

As the ultimate companion for outdoor adventures, our water bike not only brings joy to healthy outdoor activities, but also serves as a reliable means of transportation for unforgettable lakeside moments.

Scope of delivery:

1x bicycle frame, 1x handlebars, 1x saddle, 1x propeller, 2x SUP boards, 1x SUP connector, 1x bicycle bag, 1x backpack for accessories, 2x fins, hooks and mounting parts.

Discover a new dimension of water sports with our water bike - a product that was created for adventure and promises limitless freedom on the water.