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SUP valve inflatable boat replacement valve

€14,90 €16,90

This high-quality valve is made up of three precisely manufactured parts: a stable inner part, a robust outer part and a reliable valve cap.

The versatility of this replacement valve is evident in its applicability to most inflatable boats, SUP boards and kayaks. No matter what adventure you are planning, this valve is the reliable choice for easy and effective inflation and deflation.

What really sets the SUP valve inflatable boat replacement valve apart are the rubber sealing rings on both the valve insert and the valve cover. These not only ensure a secure seal, but also effectively prevent air leaks. This ensures stable and safe use of your inflatable water sports device.

Technical details at a glance:

Outer diameter of the top: 6 cm

Bottom outer diameter: 4.2 cm

With the SUP valve inflatable boat replacement valve you have control over your water adventures. Rely on quality and reliability so that your water sports experience will always be remembered fondly. Get ready to conquer the waves and enjoy the freedom of the water!