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Skinhawk floating tire, truck inner tube

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Product information "Truck tube, tire, ring Ø80cm"

The ultimate winter fun!

The truck tube, toboggan tube is made from high-quality natural rubber. This offers a robust, durable and above all ingenious winter sports equipment for short trips to tobogganing, sledging or tubing.

The tube on offer is used in our SKINHAWK snow tubes. It can also be used without our professional tube with hard-shell base and the tube slides not only on a firm snow surface, but also on fresh snow. This makes it universally usable and offers great fun for young and old in winter.

As a precaution, it should be noted that the Snowtube does not have a built-in brake and the material is very slippery. So please also make sure you have enough space to run out and keep a safe distance from other winter sports enthusiasts and people! Do not leave children unattended!

The premium tube is made in Europe from natural rubber (original rubber) and has a very high quality finish.

The 115cm tube comes from the truck, forestry and agricultural sectors and is extremely robust. Natural rubber is winterproof down to -45° C (thermally -60° C) and achieves the highest abrasion values in terms of material properties.

The truck hose, toboggan hose is available in 2 sizes.

Truck hose, toboggan hose diameter approx. 115cm (depending on filling)

- High-quality rubber hose made of rubber

- Weight approx. 4.3 kg

- Made in Europe

- Inner diameter: approx. 50cm (depending on filling)

- Carrying capacity 1 person (adults, teenagers, children)

- Winterproof to -45° C (thermal -60° C)

Truck hose, toboggan hose diameter approx. 80cm (depending on filling)

- High-quality rubber hose made of rubber

- Weight approx. 1.7 kg

- Made in Europe / no imported goods

- Inner diameter approx. 35-40cm (depending on filling)

- Carrying capacity 1 child or teenager

- Winterproof to -45° C / thermal -60° C

The electric SKINHAWK compressor pump can be used to inflate the truck tube (toboggan tube) on site if required, but it can also be inflated at any petrol station or with a compressor, as well as with bicycle air pumps that have an adapter for car valves.

Scope of delivery:

- 1 x Brand new, high quality rubber truck tube / toboggan tube

- 1 x operating / usage instructions

- 1 x valve wrench