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Skinhawk fiberglass/carbon kayak double paddle 4-piece

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Our four-piece kayak paddle is the perfect companion for your kayaking adventures.

This paddle is tailored to the needs of kayakers of all skill levels, offering maximum efficiency and versatility.

Made from high quality materials, the paddle is both durable and lightweight.

It can be disassembled into four parts, making it easy to transport and store.

With the adjustable clamping system, you can set the spring angle of the blades to suit your individual paddling style.

Whether you're paddling on calm lakes or rough rivers, the four-piece kayak paddle from SKINHAWK gives you the confidence and control you need to master all water conditions.

The comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution of this paddle ensure maximum comfort and less fatigue during longer paddling sessions. Take your kayaking experience to the next level with the four-piece kayak paddle.


Lightweight and durable construction with a combination of fiberglass and carbon materials.

Adjustable system with double clamp, for customizable angles.

Comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution, for less fatigue on longer kayak trips.

Easy to transport and store thanks to the collapsible design.

Sleek and stylish paddle that enhances the look of your kayak.

The four-piece, adjustable kayak paddle weighs just 1100 grams. It can be adjusted from 220 cm to 230 cm, providing a customized fit for kayakers of all sizes.

The paddle consists of four parts, making it easy to transport and store.
The 45 x 19 cm paddle blades ensure efficient and powerful paddle strokes, while the adjustable spring system allows you to customize your paddling style. This paddle is the perfect companion for all your kayaking adventures.